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dance styles

Choose your ticket or subscription of your choice. You can then freely choose which classes you want to attend.
You have never danced before or have been dancing regularly 1x a week for 1-2 years.
You have been dancing for a long time, have a sound basic knowledge and you find it easy to learn choreographies. You want to train more intensively and develop yourself further.
You have already gained a lot of dance experience and want to face new dance challenges. You are not afraid to dance freely, you are ready to perform and you may want to develop in the professional direction.

Any level is welcome

Here you will find a description of the different levels. They will help you to choose the right classes.


Come to us in Berlin Kreuzberg

Lobeckstr. 30-35
10969 Berlin

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Children's birthday parties at flying steps academy

A birthday with everything that goes with it. We do the organization & you have fun with your friends

Plan your birthday


Flying Steps Entertainment organizes all Flying Steps performances and shows all over the world. Since 1993, new shows like "Flying Bach", "Flying Illusion", "Flying Pictures" or "Flying Dreams" are constantly being created and have thrilled more than 1.5 million people live in the last years! Learn more about us


How did the Flying Steps make it from a cardboard box in Wedding to the biggest stages in the world? The film "Flying Revolution" is not only about breakdancing and the life story of the Flying Steps. It is much more a story about dreams and the associated power to make them come true.

MAKE YOUR Flying Steps Diploma

Reach the next level and become a professional dancer in the 3 year funk and street training!

Here you can find more information