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Casting Kids/Teens for our new show "the Journey - an adventurous journey to the self"

Aug 12, 2019

We are looking for our main roles for the new children's dance theater play! 

Showdate: 22.&23.02.2020 "the Journey - an adventurous journey to the self" on the Astrid Lindgren stage at FEZ.

In search of the great adventure, two best friends travel the world and encounter fascinating places, daring situations and dubious characters. Join the two protagonists as they dance through distant lands and ask themselves, "Who am I and what is my destiny?" On the journey to find themselves, everything turns out differently than expected....

Casting Dates: 

Monday 12.08.2019 17:00-18:30Uhr or

Wednesday 14.08.2019 17:00-18:30Uhr

Role description (age approx. 7-13years)

Lead role 1 ('dancer'), girl/boy:

Character: insecure, but curious and impulsive.

Skills: freestyle & choreo, desire to act, very musical


Lead 2 ('Friend'), girl/boy:

Character: quiet, a bit dreamy, spiritual 

Skills: Popping or Contemporary


Lead 3 ('Drummer'), boy:

Character: confident, energetic

Skills: Freestyle & Urban Styles (Hip Hop/House/Breakdance/Popping)


Lead 4 ('Zarin'), Girl:

Character: calm, strong, self-confident

Skills: Hip Hop AND Ballet or Contemporary


Supporting role1 ('Cook'), boy/girl:

Character: cheerful, nice and content

Skills: acting, hip hop


Supporting role2 ('Gangster Boss'), boy/girl:

Character: evil, arrogant

Skills: acting, hip hop/breakdance

 ... more dancers are wanted for the group of main roles.

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