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august 2019

Aug 07, 2019
11. & 18.08.2019 with Nelody:
Nelodys urban contemporary fusion, also known as (con)FUSION, is a mix of
elements of urban and contemporary dance. Class starts with a gentle but
energizing warm up activating both body and mind. Exercises based on
improvisation, various grooves, release technique and somatic movement
warm up the body and wake up the mind. Through different isolation exercises
dancers get to challenge their coordination skills and work on their body
awareness. Nelody also uses elements of contemporary floor work mixed with
elements of breakdance. Different techniques adapted from various street
dance styles are being introduced and trained to offer new perspectives for
dancing and expand the movement vocabulary of the participants. Nelody lays
a lot of emphasis on change of energy, musicality and so-called
‘groundedness’; that allow the body to open up and be ready to switch quickly
from one movement quality to another. She uses freestyle-based tasks in her
classes so that the participants to learn and experiment new opportunities -
and also just to “dance it out” and to get closer to freestyling, playing and
25.08.2019 with Hung:
This is an energetic and physical dance class. The choreography is influenced by different dance techniques (contemporary, floor techniques, urban dance movements, Chinese martial art) mixed with my own research. Focusing on clear intention and playing with different dynamics, spacing, spirals and out of balance...but most important is to have a good time and some fun!

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Oct 19, 2019

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